[blacklight-addiction] project 3.0adv

Hi folks!

After a longer time with blog-abstinence i am back with a current painting project.
Those of you which know me since the beginning of kausalfilz.ch or longer, know, i
am clearly addicted to blacklight or furthermore the effect of this special kind of light
on some materia. From the late 90’s as i visited the first time some psytrance open-airs
until today my fascination for this kind of decoration and painting with UV-active colors
is unbroken. So i decided to wrap up all my knowledge and experience in this matter to
start a new and shiny kind of blacklight painting.

Project subject:
Big white canva + a nice idea for a paint
– 5cans of uv-active pigments in different colors
– about 15 other cans of non uv-active pigments for shadings
– some liters of a magic liquid which turns pigments into paint
– and a lot of brushes and other tools to apply them


This is a test run following…. keep you updated…. cheers lem